1. Only those registration forms that are completed in full and signed will be processed.

2. By signing the registration form or sending the online form, individuals enter into a payment obligation regardless of whether they utilize their right to participate in the course.

3. In the event that payment has been made and no course has been organized for the time period requested, immediate reimbursement or rescheduling of a class can be arranged.

4. In the event that payment, whether or not part-payment, has taken place and the lesson time and date have been specified according to the availability times and dates or have been mutually agreed at a later date, there can be no claim for reimbursement of any kind or in any form if the course has not been taken.

5. Participation in any course is linked to an individual and cannot be transferred.

6. The cost and risk of any course dates or times that are not attended for any reason shall be borne by the participant.

7. Private classes can be rescheduled upon request. The request must be made at least 24 hours prior to a class. If it is within 24 hours’ notice, full class fee is charged.

8. Each lesson has a duration of 50 minutes.

9. In the event that the organization deems it necessary, amendments can be made to the times and dates on which the lessons take place.

10. Juniors are those who have not yet reached the age of 18 as of 1 January on the year in which they are taking lessons.

11. The classification arrangement for students and allocation of our coach are performed in the responsibility of Konishi Sports.

12. Make up class is allowed to do up to 2 times within a term (1 term is 8 weeks). Make up class may be scheduled to an earlier date than the original class if we have a space available. Please notify us by 1 hour prior to a class when rescheduling is needed. When your coach is sick or unable to run a class, a class will be run by another coach or welcome you to reschedule a class.

13. Please register cancelation by 1 hour prior to a class. If a cancelation is made within 1 hour, your status is going to be “absence without notice”. Thank you for your understanding to register your absence in advance for us to save spots for students wish to reschedule.

14. Notice of withdrawal. Please let your coach know 2 months prior to a withdrawal day. Notification through email is also accepted. There will be no refund arrangement even if the withdrawal is in a middle of a term.